The Fly Zone

The Fly Zone - Travel Playlist

I missed day 6 of the Blog-tember Challenge and since it was all about music, I really wanted to share the playlist that I’ve been currently listing to. I read somewhere that calming songs are good to listen to while flying and since I’ve been frequenting the airport a lot lately, I decided to make my own semi-calm travel playlist. (more…)

15 Ways to Practice Self Care

15 Ways to Practice Self Care

I’ve made it to Day 16 of the Blog-tember Challenge. **pats myself on the back** Today’s prompt is about one of my favorite topics: self-care practices. Self care involves more than bathing and practicing good hygiene. Self care involves regularly doing activities that help create a positive attitude and good energy. Taking time out for yourself is essential to maintaining self-worth and self-love. Practicing self-care also helps prevent burnout, reduce stress or even worse, a nervous breakdown. I’ve suffered from burnout and depression before, so self-care is very important to me. Here’s the 15 ways I practice self-care and you can too: (more…)

Falling Into the Mood

Falling Into The Mood

It’s only hump day and I’ve been ready for the weekend since Monday. No lie! I’m trying to play catch-up with the Blog-tember Challenge, so I have one more post to share tomorrow that is a little out-of-order. Today’s prompt is about mood boards and I wasn’t going to do one because my Fall mood seems pretty similar to the mood board I created last year. Not to mention, I’m honestly not in the mood for Fall. I’m still stuck in Summer and I don’t want Summer to end. However, putting together this fall mood board has prompted a little inspiration and excitement for cooler temps. (more…)

Traveling Without Moving

Travel Without Moving - A Day in the Life of

So I am a little behind on the posts I planned to share for the Blog-tember Challenge. I had ALL intentions to post last Saturday, but exhaustion and timing wouldn’t let me be great. Saturday’s post was all about ‘A Day in the Life of’. My regular weekly schedule, you can usually find me from 9-5 staring at my computer. However, event days are different and since I have an event coming up later this month, I might actually share ‘A Day in the Life of An Event Planner. But for this post, I decided to document this last Tuesday, September 6, my travel day to Cabo, Mexico.  (more…)