Kitchen Essentials for your Thirties

Kitchen Essentials for your Thirties

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I made the decision earlier this year to start the process of buying a home for the first time. I’ve always eluded home ownership because I never wanted the responsibilities that come with such a large purchase. But after my property management company recently increase my rent significantly, I decided it was time to take the plunge. Lately I’ve been thinking about my must-haves in a home and also the features of my dream home. The kitchen and bathroom are the two MOST important rooms in my house because that’s where I spend the most time. Why? Because I love to cook and I love to poop. DUH! (more…)

Your Mindset is Either a Threat or An Asset

If you have a different mindset, you will have a different outcome

Happy Tuesday. Yesterday I spent my entire day sitting at the hospital. My dad had surgery scheduled on his knee in the morning and the surgery took longer than normal, so we just sat and waited and waited. Going into the surgery I was positive about the outcome. But after 3 hours, I started getting a little nervous. When the receptionist said she had no update, that’s when the attitude was about to come out. I’m sitting with my mom and inside my head I’m saying, “Where is my daddy? Someone better get me an update” (attitude and all). Before approaching the receptionist again, I said a little prayer and then calmly walked over to her and asked for a status of how the surgery was going. She made a couple of phone calls and found out the surgery started later than scheduled. And as I was standing there, my dad’s doctor appeared to give my family and update. Things went well and the surgery was successful. Thank you Jehovah! (more…)

4 Ways to Revamp Your Skin Care for the Spring/Summer

4 Ways to Revamp Skin Care

The seasonal change in spring is always a good time to revamp your skincare and beauty routine. Our skin requires a thicker moisturizer in the winter for better hydration. But now that spring has arrived, it’s time to revamp that skin care routine and go with a lighter, dewy look. Here’s 4 Ways to Revamp Your Skin Care Regimen for the Spring/Summer.

Sun protection

Now that the sun is out longer, the weather will be warmer and that means you’ll probably be outside a little more. So if you’ve skipped using an SPF in the winter, now is the time to add it back to your skin care regimen.  with sunscreen. Try the Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 or Olay Complete All Day Facial Moisturizer with Sunscreen with SPF 15. My favorite is Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 30. (more…)